UMA Landsleds make totally rad cruisers!

UMA Undercurrent Series

Our Experience 

These UMA cruisers have been an absolute joy to cruise around town with! Not only do they look stunning, they felt absolutely amazing under our feet during our test runs. 

UMA Maité deck

UMA Landsleds 7-ply Canadian hardrock maple deck

Let's start with the basics; the deck. UMA Landsleds exploded in the skateboarding industry after being founded by ex-Element pro skater Evan Smith together with creative head Thomas Campbell. As such, each UMA Landsleds deck offers unmatched durability; hey you know it's gotta be good if an ex-Element pro skater skates it!

Skatebruh 5.5" matte black trucks

Moving down to the trucks, we've paired these cruisers with our very own Skatebruh 5.5" matte black corrosion resistant trucks. We chose a wider hanger construction to give riders additional stability at higher speeds; yes you can now bomb that gnarly hill you've been dreaming of. Even if you're not an adrenaline junky, we're certain you'll appreciate the added stability of these trucks for you chill cruises and daily commute!

Rebirth Meow Macaron cruiser wheels

To finish off the set up, we've paired Rebirth Macaron wheels to provide a grippy but snappy ride feel. Size does matter when it comes to wheels... Ahem, anyways at 60mm in diameter and 43mm Contact Patch these wheels are big enough to roll over most obstacles we faced when skating while still being light enough to perform ollie's over those dreaded drain grills and curbs. These Rebirth wheels also offer a rounded lip construction making them really easy to break into slides on command while offering maximum durability since their wheel lips are less prone to chipping and tears.

We've had plenty of fun testing these boards and we hope you do too! Check out these cruisers by UMA Landsleds today :D

 UMA team!