Skateboard video tutorials

How to: Lubricate your bearings

Keeping your skateboard bearings well lubricated with Speed Juice is crucial for optimal performance. Proper lubrication reduces friction, ensuring smooth and effortless rides. It prolongs the life of your bearings, preventing wear and tear. Regular maintenance improves speed, maneuverability, and overall skateboarding experience. Don't neglect your bearings; lubricate and keep rolling!

How to: Use a skate tool

A skate tool is an essential accessory for every skateboarder. This versatile tool allows you to adjust your trucks, wheels, and bearings with ease. It ensures a proper setup, optimizing stability and maneuverability. Compact and lightweight, the T tool is a must-have for maintaining and customizing your skateboard on the fly.

How to: Apply grip tape onto your board

Welcome to our instructional video on applying griptape to a skateboard deck! In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you the proper technique to ensure a clean and bubble-free grip job. Get ready to transform your deck into a grippy masterpiece, enhancing your control and confidence on the board. Let's dive in!


How to: Remove & insert bearings

Need to swap out your old skateboard/longboard/cruiser board/surfskate bearings to newer faster ones? Or wanting to change out old crusty wheels to newer fresher ones? Our swift 2 minute tutorial guides you exactly on how to correctly change remove and insert the bearings on your board!