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Koston Carver Waterborne Surfskate

Koston Carver Waterborne Surfskate

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We've built this surfskate with beginners in mind!

Generally speaking, traditional surfskates aren't the most beginner friendly boards due to their wobbly and tall nature. We've taken these factors into consideration and voila, we've came up with one of the most beginner friendly surfskate you can find in the market! The long deck of this board provides unmatched stability offering all the leg room you need when skating. Additionally, due to its long wheelbase the deck provides the perfect amount of flex providing shock absorption for riders.


The Surf Adapter on your front truck gives your board the tight carving ability that you need for surf training or surfstyle riding. The rear truck Rail Adapter gives a skateboards rear truck, whether it's traditional kingpin or reverse kingpin, more lean. A skateboard with both the Surf and Rail Adapters feels so buttery smooth because you are separated from the ground by vibration dampening urethane bushings. It feels like there are cushions under both feet, lending the board to confidently turn tightly even on rough concrete. 


The combination of Surf and Rail Adapter makes a skateboard much more stable at high speed that traditional skateboard trucks alone. They effectively eliminate speed wobbles by making the front wheels trail a leading pivot, just like the suspension on a car. The rear truck becomes much less squirrelly because the Rail Adapter stabilizes it's turning and makes the function of the rear truck all about grip. The board will feel very natural even at speed making drawn out carves.



- Waterborne high performance Surf and Rail Adaptor

- Koston Carver deck, 41"X 9.5" 7ply Canadian Maple

- Koston 180mm Matte Black Longboard trucks

- Koston Ghost Band 70mm 78a wheels

- Koston Abec-7 speed cream lubricated bearings with spacers




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