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Rebirth 44.5" Laser White Candy Longboard

Rebirth 44.5" Laser White Candy Longboard

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Deck: Introducing the Ultimate Dancing Longboard Deck – where artistry and innovation converge to create an unmatched dancing experience. Measuring at a spacious 44.5x9.5 inches, this deck provides ample room for your creative moves, ensuring you're always in sync with the rhythm of the ride.

Crafted with precision and passion, the deck is a fusion of materials that redefine performance. Two layers of resilient fiberglass lay the foundation, offering unparalleled strength and flex, while two layers of quality maple contribute stability and responsiveness to every step. The secret ingredient, a single layer of bamboo, infuses natural grace into the deck's DNA, elevating your dance routine to a new level.

Laser Holographic print: Embrace the future with our cutting-edge UV printing protection drawing, showcasing your style with vivid, lifelike colours that stand the test of time and elements. The artistry leaps off the deck, a visual testament to your unique flair. And when the sun kisses your deck, the laser holographic light reflecting design comes to life, casting mesmerizing reflections that follow your every motion, turning your ride into a captivating performance.

This deck isn't just about aesthetics; it's designed for those who demand excellence. The carefully curated layers ensure a harmonious balance between flexibility and sturdiness, making it an ideal platform for executing your dance moves with grace and precision. Whether you're gliding, spinning, or twirling, the deck responds with unwavering support, enhancing your rhythm and flow.

Unleash your creativity and connect with the beat of the pavement like never before. Whether you're an experienced dancer or a newcomer to the world of longboarding, this deck will empower you to push boundaries, express yourself, and make the streets your stage. The meticulous craftsmanship, innovative materials, and captivating design come together to create a masterpiece that's not just a deck – it's an experience.

Elevate your dancing game with the Ultimate Dancing Longboard Deck. It's more than a board; it's an invitation to move, groove, and create magic on wheels.

Hand assembled with care

Each complete board we send out has been hand assembled by our Skatebruh team. This allows us to conduct strict quality control over our products making sure that every board we send out is ready to shred right out of the box!


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Size Guide

Picking the right skateboard is all about checking out its size, especially how wide it is. The width really makes a difference in how comfy you feel cruising and pulling off tricks. Go too wide, and those quick flips might get tricky; go too narrow, and turning and carving can be a bit of a challenge. So, figuring out the perfect skateboard size that fits your style is key as you kick off your skating journey with us!



Skaters who are into flip tricks and technical moves usually dig boards on the narrower side, like around 7.75 to 8.25 inches. It's all about those lighter weights and quicker spins.

Now, if you're all about big bowls, handrails, or sending it down huge gaps and stairs, you might want to look for a wider board, like 8.25 to 9.0 inches. Wider decks bring that comfy and stable feel, perfect for cruising and getting around. But hey, keep in mind, these wider ones are a bit heavier and won't spin as fast when you're pulling off tricks.

And for the little shredders just starting out, a smaller deck in the 7.0 to 7.5-inch range is the way to roll.

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Return policy

Each product undergoes strict quality checks by us before they get sent out, in the unlikely event that an item is damaged or deffective upon delivery do reach out to us and we'll provide assistance to the best of our ability :)


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Quality for all

At Skatebruh, we take pride in offering high quality skateboards at an affordable price. As we manufacture our own line of skateboards, our team is able to cut out the middle man and sell our boards directly to you. This allows us to have a tight quality control over our products while offering competitive prices.

Our experience from manufacturing skateboards enables us to conduct strict quality checks on the brands we work with, making sure that each board sold meets the standards of our team.