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Rent a board

Rent a board

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Skateboard rentals are strictly for lesson use!

Want to try out skateboarding but don’t have a skateboard yet? No worries we gotcha ;). We have 4 types of skateboards available for rent.


The skateboard is designed for doing tricks and rolling on smoother flat ground, its light in weight and is a staple among seasoned skaters.

Cruiser Board

The cruiser board is designed for cruising around town or at parks while maintaining a portable footprint to be easily carried around, these boards are perfect for your daily commute!


The longboard is designed for travelling long distances and for raw performance. Its sheer length and width make it stable and easy to stand on while still being able to perform tricks


A surfskate is a type of skateboard designed to mimic the movements of surfing. It has a wider deck, smaller wheels, and a special truck system that allows for a wider turning radius. This allows riders to perform surf-style maneuvers on land, such as carving and pumping, and helps surfers improve their skills when they can't be in the water.

Want to know more about the differences between these boards? Check out our in-depth guide on how to pick your first board here 

What you'll need to bring

- Your own skateboard (don't have a skateboard? No worries you can rent one here!)

- 6-piece protective pads (wrist, elbow and knee guards)

- Covered shoes



- National Stadium

- Somerset Skatepark

- Jurong Lakeside Skatepark

- Your location too! (Weekday evenings only)

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Quality for all

At Skatebruh, we take pride in offering high quality skateboards at an affordable price. As we manufacture our own line of skateboards, our team is able to cut out the middle man and sell our boards directly to you. This allows us to have a tight quality control over our products while offering competitive prices.

Our experience from manufacturing skateboards enables us to conduct strict quality checks on the brands we work with, making sure that each board sold meets the standards of our team.