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Skatebruh X Tobyato Scrambler Surfskate

Skatebruh X Tobyato Scrambler Surfskate

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Note* We're sold out of the black cruiser wheels and will be using white Skatebruh Wildcat cruiser wheels instead

Waterborne surf and rail adaptors

The Surf Adapter™ on your front truck gives your board the tight carving ability that you need for surf training or surfstyle riding. The rear truck Rail Adapter gives a skateboards rear truck more lean. When paired together these two components work in harmony to create the best surfskating experience in the industry. You now have the ability to carve deeper and harder than other surfskates while maintaining maximum grip of the rear end thanks to the Rail adaptors compressing and flexing in each carve.


Our Skatebruh Scrambler is a BIG and THICC skateboard that can do it all. At 8.75 inches wide and 33 inches long, it has space for days to provide fantastic versatility and stability. It is a go-to choice for anything and anywhere. Rough streets, bowls, skateparks, if you can think of the place, you can probably blast through it.


We’ve blessed this baby with 62mm squishy cruiser wheels so that you can glide over bumps and cracks with ease while maintaining maximum grip for surfing each concrete wave.


Its 5.5 inch heavy duty high trucks give a wonderful blend of agility and stability. 

Our Take on the Scrambler

You’re effectively getting 2 different boards in 1 package. Overall our motivation when creating the Skatebruh Scrambler with Tobyato was to create a big, stable and capable skateboard that everyone can have fun with easily.

About The Artist: Tobyato 

The design of the board was inspired by old gold and white porcelain which were once described as "white gold" and highly sought after. The tiger motif imprinted in gold foil represents Tobyato's love for mythical creatures and animals that are a running theme in his body of work.


- Skatebruh X Tobyato Scrambler deck 33" (Length) X 8.75" (Width), 14.3" Wheelbase

- Waterborne Surf and rail adaptors

- 5.5" Skatebruh matte black trucks

- 62mm 80A Koston A+ Wheels

- Abec-7 Koston speed cream lubricated bearings


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Return policy

Each product undergoes strict quality checks by us before it gets sent out, in an unlikely event that an item is damaged or defective upon delivery do reach out to us and we'll provide assistance to the best of our ability :)


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Quality for all

At Skatebruh, we take pride in offering high quality skateboards at an affordable price. As we manufacture our own line of skateboards, our team is able to cut out the middle man and sell our boards directly to you. This allows us to have a tight quality control over our products while offering competitive prices.

Our experience from manufacturing skateboards enables us to conduct strict quality checks on the brands we work with, making sure that each board sold meets the standards of our team.

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