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Waterborne Skateboards Dream Surf Truck

Waterborne Skateboards Dream Surf Truck

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Dream Fireproof Case Pack Includes:
  • Waterborne Dream Surf Truck
  • Waterborne Rail Adaptor
  • Waterborne High Velocity Surfskate Bearingss
  • Waterborne 150mm RKP rear trucks
  • Waterborne 62mm 80A Living Water Wheels
  • Limited Edition Waterborne Fireproof Travel Case

Dream Surf Truck and Rail adaptor includes:

  • Waterborne Dream Surf Truck
  • Waterborne Rail adaptor
Dream Surf Truck Includes:
  • Waterborne Dream Surf Truck
The DREAM Surf Truck is the very best design and engineering that Waterborne can put forward. DREAM has been in the works for a couple years, on and off, as a result of a fairly unstable market. The project has chewed up and spit out multiple teams of designers who tried and failed to make this form that you see here. Our final design team consisted of the Surf Adapter's original mechanical engineer David Lujan, and an old colleague from Oakley, Eric Fairbanks. During the glory days of Oakley their design team was second to none. David and Eric made products that shamed the world of eyewear and action sports. They taught us so many valuable lessons during this process which we will carry onto future projects. Our expectations for DREAM go far beyond the current standard for a surfskate truck and Waterborne will be demonstrating that over the coming years. DREAM is a catalyst for what's yet to come.

From a technical perspective, there are 2 key differences between the FIN Surf Adapter (+150mm Waterborne RKP) and the DREAM Surf Truck. 1. it is 0.20lbs lighter 2. the axle sits .75" further back from the primary pivot. That means that you get a greater caster effect. It's a cleaner turn and a cleaner look. It does come standard with the FIN System, so you can adjust the pivot angle on the fly.The Dream Surf Truck can have its 150mm hanger swapped out with a hangers from Caliber or Paris.

Finally, it's so important to note that DREAM is our way of filling the gap between our universal Adapter technology, and our Complete surfskates. Surf Adapters will remain at the heart of Waterborne Skateboards. We hope that DREAM some day brings as much joy to riders around the world as the Surf Adapter has already brought.

DREAM PACK Includes: DREAM Surf Truck, RKP Rear Truck, Rail Adapter, HVBC Wheel Bearings, Living Water wheels, Fireproof Travel Case

We are very excited to be offering this system to our riders! We hope that you find the FIN System as transformative and fun as the Surf Adapter itself! 
Customize your Surf Adapter Bushings, and your Rail Adapter Bushings.

All hardware necessary for installation is included.


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