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Waterborne UMA 'Maité' Surfskate

Waterborne UMA 'Maité' Surfskate

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UMA Maité Steenhoudt pro model 8.75" Undercurrent Series

Our Experience 

These UMA surfskates have been an absolute joy to pump around when paired with Waterborne surf and rail adaptors! Not only do they look stunning, they felt absolutely amazing under our feet during our test runs. 

Let's start with the basics; the deck. UMA Landsleds exploded in the skateboarding industry after being founded by ex-Element pro skater Evan Smith together with creative head Thomas Campbell. As such, each UMA Landsleds deck offers unmatched durability and stiffness increasing the efficiency of energy transfer with each pump! Hey you know it's gotta be good if an ex-Element pro skater skates it!

Right beneath the deck hides the secret sauce for the board's surfskating capabilities. The Surf Adaptor increases the articulation of the front truck, allowing the front wheels to turn 4x sharper than it originally could! This paired together with the rail adaptor on the back trucks gives the board the ability to carve deeper and harder than other surfskates while maintaining maximum grip of the rear end. This is made possible via the rail adaptors compressing and flexing in each carve.

Moving down to the trucks, we've paired these surfskates with our very own Skatebruh 5.5" matte black corrosion resistant trucks. We chose a wider hanger construction to give riders additional stability at higher speeds and carving through those super tight turns.

To finish off the set up, we've paired Rebirth Macaron wheels to provide a grippy and snappy ride feel. Size does matter when it comes to wheels... Ahem, anyways at 60mm in diameter and 43mm Contact Patch these wheels are big enough to roll over most obstacles we faced when skating while still being light enough to perform ollie's over those dreaded drain grills and curbs. These Rebirth wheels also offer a rounded lip construction making them really easy to break into slides on command while offering maximum durability since their wheel lips are less prone to chipping and tears.

In a nutshell, we've fallen in love with these surfskates by UMA and Waterborne as they're arguably the most versatile surfskates in the market. Feeling surfy? Sure, just fit on the Waterborne adaptors and you're good to go surfskating. Just wanna chill and cruise around? That's possible with these boards too! Simply dismount the adaptors and just like magic you've got a fully capable cruiser set up!

We've had plenty of fun testing these boards and we hope you do too! Check out these surfskates by UMA Landsleds and Waterborne today :D

Art by Misato Suzuki

Misato Suzuki is a painter and designer whose work integrates nature and culture, threading together contemporary life and the living world. A contemplative artist with a highly stylized approach, her work is connected to specific people and places. Misato was born in Aomori, a city in the northernmost part of Japan. Her work is influenced by her time spent near the ocean and surrounded by forest, and greenery. She currently lives and works in Southern California, where that landscape and culture have entered her paintings, drawings and designs


[PRO variants come with Rebirth Wheels and Bearings Spacers (for added durability) while CLASSIC variants do not!]


- 8.7" x 31.75" / 14.25" WB

- Waterborne high performance Surf and Rail adaptors

- Clear griptape

- Rebirth Macaron wheels 60mm X 43mm, 78A durometer


- Koston A+ Solo 62mm 80a wheels


- White Skatebruh 62mm 80a Wildcat wheels 

- Koston Abec-7 speed cream lubricated bearings

- Skatebruh Bearing Spacers 

- Matte Black 5.5" Skatebruh Trucks


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